Backup, Disaster Recovery, & Business Continuity

Be POSITIVE your data is there when you need it

Backup Multiple Times Daily

Verify Daily

Test Restore Regularly

Recover When Necessary

Where do companies get it wrong with their Backup procedure?

One of your most important business asset is data. After all, without information, order details or product data, you would not be able to perform ANY business activities.

Can you imagine partially or even completely losing your business data?

It could mean the beginning of the end. At the very least, it would damage your company image and cause you needless stress.

Apexium Backup is a reliable, fully managed service providing backup monitoring, management and administration, so you can focus on running your business with complete peace of mind that your system and data is protected.

At Apexium we ensure that your business is backup protected against all threats by providing a complete, managed set of security products. With our backup you get a complete service which provides ‘best in class’ protection against current and emerging threats. As this service is completely managed by us we constantly monitor your IT infrastructure and respond quickly to any issues.

Why your business needs a backup service?

Without a solid backup process, your business stands a chance of losing business critical data – permanently. Without a business backup system, you’re running a serious risk of losing the following

►      Client files – How would you track current projects if you lost all client data?

►      Accounting information – If you had to start from scratch could you still get your PAYG or tax in on time?

►      Email – How would you reference previous emails if they didn’t exist?

►      Business files – If you lost all of your Word docs, Excel spreadsheets and other critical files, how long would it take to recreate these?

Backups enable you to recover data after its loss, through situations like server failure, virus or malware attack, accidental deletion of data, or corruption, which are all very common. You may also need to recover data from an earlier time.

Do We Help Companies Backup Their Data?

Yes! We make a lot of inquiries to decide what sort of information you produce, what should be backed up, and what recurrence is required. We need to know about the significance of your data, how frequently it changes, the kind of hardware you have, who is involved, how your organization is required to develop, and how soon you may need to recover the information if an “information calamity” happened. Regardless of whether your business has just been around for a couple of years or you have been storing information for quite a long time, you require a backup and recuperation intend to maintain your business. It just takes one security rupture, surprising debacle, or hitting the “Erase” key at the wrong time to make you lament not putting resources in backup at the right time.

What are you waiting for? Talk to our IT specialist today!

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